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Cache Questions

The police have much to answer for as they raid a Luton housing collective in search of drugs 

Church and Cannabis

The future of the Jamaican economy may be bound up with a drug smuggling religious sect

Criminal Injustice

The Criminal Justice and Public Order bill

Dancing with Death

Ecstasy is seen as demon drug of the rave scene, but there may be a more constructive approach

Might Not Main March

Misrepresentation: The solution may be to play the mainstream media at their own game

'No-Win' War on Drugs

The war against the 'drugs menace'. America's 'rambo instinct sweeps descent away

'Hippy' Convoys

How Gypsies have won a court battle on behalf of all 'travellers'

Killing the Bill

A new, non-violent, anti-roads alliance is mobilising against the Criminal Justice Bill 

Monumental Lawlessness at Solstice

Stonehenge: The legality of the police strategy towards solstice visitors will be questioned in the courts

Protesting and surviving

You cannot legislate against protest

Raving Injustice

Thousands will be prosecuted for attending peaceful parties

The New Exodus

An organisation providing low cost entertainment, housing and job creation

Riot Control

Who is to blame for clashes at a Criminal Justice Bill demonstration?

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