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The Western Edge of Tibet
Perfectly Proportioned

Tim Malyon presents his discovery of the Sumda Gogpo Buddha from the Zanskar mountains on the Western edge of Tibet. The oldest wooden statue in the whole of the sub-continent.

Perfectly Proportioned - Tim Malyon
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John Crook
In the 1990's John Crook Led research into the socio-psychological anthropology of Himalayan peoples.
John Crook Part 1 - Tim Malyon
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John Crook Part 2 - Tim Malyon
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The Return of the Buddha

Presented by Celia Haddow. Produced by Tim Malyon. 2003

Celia's mission to return a tiny Buddha she inherited from her grandfather, back to the Tibetan people and into the hands of the Dalai Lama.

The Return of the Buddha - Tim Malyon
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